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We explore the meaning of life.  Ghosts, Time travel, life after death, Adam & Eve, different religions, and so much more..  Make sure to post comments if you have any, this was a very deep conversation about why we are here on earth.

2 thoughts on “WTB Podcast Episode 11 – Meaning of Life

  • 1. the result of the “god helmet” and other similar experiments that Scott refers to–where researchers produce weird psychological results in a lab, like feeling the presence of figures in a room– do not necessarily mean that near death experiences are invalid.
    It only means that some of the mechanics of those experiences are physically built into our bodies.

    The brain can be directly stimulated to produce auditory hallucinations.
    Does that mean that all sounds are illusions created by our brains?
    Of course not, lol!

    No, it means that we have tools to help us pick up and analyze auditory information,
    and that those tools can be found, and set off.
    In fact, you could work backwards…. if you were, say, an alien from a deaf planet who was studying a human, and you had discovered how the ears and auditory parts of the brain worked, you might realize that this was evidence that for the existence of some kind of unknown “waves” that these tools were meant to pick up,
    perhaps in the air…
    Discovering ears could lead you to the discovery of sound.

    Current researchers have discovered what people have already known for millenia:
    human beings are designed to worship something.
    Depending on how you think about that, this either makes religious experiences seem like flukes of the brain,
    or it verifies that religious experiences are common for the excellent reason that they are real, like sound, smell, and colour.
    Not all animals see colour..not even all human beings see colour…but those wavelengths of light are certainly real. Two people will both tell you a cornflower is blue, not because they have a shared delusion, but because they have tools that help them detect the blue light reflecting off the petals.
    The colour is real.
    If near death experiences, or religious experiences, are strikingly similar,
    we ought to at least allow the possibility that this is because they are something real in a way that we do not yet fully understand.
    Otherwise, we are like that deaf alien, looking at human ears, and saying, “hmm. Must be decoration to attract a mate…or perhaps these were gills, long ago? Either way, they don’t really DO anything…”

    2. The archtypical “near death experience” was a strong pattern noticed by
    dr. Raymond Moody. It is now a well-known part of popular culture, but when he did his initial research, it definitely was not.
    People were having similar experiences –tunnel of light, seeing themselves and the entire room from above, meeting deceased loved ones or other beings, etc.–but they did not know that others were experiencing the same things.
    (It’s also worth noting that not everyone had a nice time of it. A few people had very terrifying experiences, actually)

    Additionally, he has been doing research similar to the “God Helmet” work for many years (he has had good results with having test subjects perform scrying by gazing into mirrors for long, long periods to focus the mind)
    He does *not* believe the ability to bring on vaguely similar experiences with a controlled experiment is proof that visions, NDE, etc. are always mere products of the brain. He thinks we are probably bumping into the apparatus by which human beings sense paranormal realities.

    3. Please, dudes, stop saying that we only use 10% of our brains!
    If you want to say that other people’s beliefs are hooey,
    don’t use crap urban-legend science to do it, lol.
    You’re making baby Jesus AND Einstein cry!

  • Love the deaf alien analogy little nobody. Guessing you didn’t come up with that but if you did I envy you. That’s good debative thinking. To Jesus and Einstein I apologize for making you cry… If Jesus would like to sue for slander when he returns by all means he has a right to. Einstein, well I guess he’s outta luck since he didn’t have supernatural powers. Sorry Bro. I like that people comment, it’s nice. I like even more that they dissagree and have sound argument to back it up, it’s nicer 🙂

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