WTB Podcast Episode 12 – Multiple Gods

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Could there be more than one God?  We discuss possibilities, legends, and gospels to try and figure this one out.  Also a little bonus at the end.  Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “WTB Podcast Episode 12 – Multiple Gods

  • “I feeel so dark insiiiide, feeel like I could cryyyyy…
    it’s hard to liiiive with a lie!”

    hahaha, the girl returns the necklace she stole, omg. That one? Those were great ^^
    Anyhow, the Later Day saints are the Mormons.

    It’s also the Mormons who think Jesus is kind of an alien, more or less.
    They think they will also experience life on another planet in the afterlife.

    I’m not sure, but I believe those cartoons were made by an anti-Mormon group,
    NOT their church.

  • I really should listen to the whole thing before I comment, lol.

    1. It’s hard to say what you’d call the earliest church. The great schism is where the church breaks into Catholic and the Orthodox churches, more or less. But there was a thousand years of the two of them being the single entity before that, the main Church that most Christians belonged to and that most Christians of all kinds descend from today, theologically.
    It was particularly after Luther from the Roman church that Christianity starts to really splinter, because Luther’s ideas don’t encourage unity at all. As a result, the Protestants have divided themselves into many more churches with a greater variety of beliefs than the Orthodox and Catholic branches, which tend to cohere more.

    (If you were raised as an American Christian who says, “oh, I’m not a Catholic, I’m not an Episcopalian…I’m a real CHRISTIAN”…
    chances are good you are some kind of Protestant. You just don’t know what you technically are.)

    But if you’re trying to find a very coherent, ancient Christian church,
    a good example would be the Copts in Egypt. The Coptic Church was one of the first established churches (by Mark during the first century).

    2. Mum-ra was not the god of the Thundercats.
    He was an evil mummy.
    Jaga is closer, I guess, but he’s more like dead Obi-wan Kenobi.
    She-ra is He-man’s long lost twin.
    It was in the opening, she tells you every damn time.
    You guys are a shame to the 80’s, lol.
    What did you do, freaking play outside?

    3. No matter what, it all comes back to being Gay, doesn’t it?
    So, if giving yourself oral sex makes you gay,
    does washing yourself in the shower make you gay, too?
    I mean, your rubbing your hands all over a naked man….

  • oh, they typos, the typos…
    if I only had more than 15 minutes to write these responses, lol

    But I don’t. Gotta go!

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