One thought on “WTB Podcast Episode 15 – Racial Profiling

  • lmao, you and your were-donkey fixation, Scott!
    “they still have blood lust…but they just end up eating mushrooms”
    I love it 🙂

    I’m not sure that racial profiling is an accurate title for this one, lol….

    Buuut, speaking of the beard-and-turban thing….

    Does anyone remember this?
    On September 12th,
    there was all this crazy breaking news on RI tv that a potential suspect from the attacks had been caught at the Providence train station, on a train coming up from NY.
    My Mom and I were both

    And we waited and watched…and the minute they finally cut to live footage of the guy being taken from the train by the cops…wow, I was so mortified.
    Because first of all,
    it took ONE LOOK to tell that this guy was a freaking Sikh,
    (we both immediately said out loud, “oh, nooo…”)
    and second of all,
    the cops were leading him behind a chain link fenced area,
    and on the other side of the fence was this big crowd of people just screaming and trying to get at him. If that fence hadn’t been there, they looked like they probably would have lynched him!
    Very frightening. We were seeing, first-hand, live,
    how mobs kill innocent people, just seeing it play out right in front of our eyes.

    I was sad and ashamed that the people in my state who were so scared and angry and uneducated that they were ready to kill a man because he had a turban on…

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